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Kokura Castle

Kokura Castle

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"Kokura Castle" is part of the ダブル • Daburu collection, a partnered exhibition with my friend and fellow Japanese-American artist Marie Okuma Johnston at Gallery 110

This collection explores our bicultural identities and experiences between the United States and Japan. Daburu is the Japanese hepburn spelling of double, a rising identity of mixed-race Japanese. Traditionally, mixed-race Japanese have been called “hafu” or half, which only places value on the Japanese side of identity rather than embracing the entirety of a person’s experience. The title of Daburu is also a play on the double feature of the artist's stories, identities, parallels, and bicultural experiences. 

30"x40" oil on stretched canvas 

signed by artist

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If you have any questions about the artwork, I'm happy to answer them for you!